Garden Design

Garden Design

We co-operate with professional garden designers to provide our clients with full and high quality...

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Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

We offer a complete domestic and commercial maintenance and garden care programme, including lawn care and maintenance...

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Hard Landscaping

Our hard landscaping services include patios, paths, walkways, driveways, walls, render-work...

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Greensdale's Advice


Dead Heading
Remove all faded flowers from your daffodils, pansies & violas. Let your daffodils die back naturally so put energy back into the bulbs. Next year your daffodils will produce a better display.

Prune back forsythia
Once it has finished flowering. You can also prune & trim: Spiraea, Buddleia, Cornus, Hardy Fuchsias, Cotoneasters, Potentilla, Mahonia.

Divide Hostas & Snowdrops
Dig up and divide large clumps of hostas.Snowdrops can be divided and re-planted ready for next springs display.

Prune Jasminum
Prune Jasminum nudiflorum and Ribes (flowering currant) after the flowers have faded.

Cut last years stems back by about half.

Summer Hanging baskets
Start to make up your hanging baskets in the greenhouse this month.

We can help you not only with these tasks but also with all other gardening jobs you may have to undertake.

Please contact us for more details.

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